Family Health


Multi Vitamin & Minerals for kids.
60 raspberry flavoured chewable tablets.

Age 2 to 11 years

Supports healthy immune functions

Helps improve energy levels in growing children.

Aid in the maintanence of healthy bones, skin, gums, teeth and general wellbeing. 

May assist during or after illness or due to a lack of appetite and poor eating habits



In just three simple applications, each seven days apart, the formulation kills both the head lice and their eggs, breaking the life cycle.

Uses a powerful blend of essential oils rather than synthetic insecticides.

Pleasant smelling and easy to use

Also available in;

  • MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner
  • MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray
  • MOOV Head Lice Sensitive
  • MOOV Head Lice Shampoo
  • MOOV Head Lice Solution

Ethical Nutrients

Inner Health Plus 30 or 60

  • Aids in the maintenance of a normal healthy gastrointestinal system and digestive function.
  • If you have been taking a course of antibiotics a probiotic such as Inner Health Plus may assist in maintaining the balance of good bacteria.
  • Inner Health Plus may be useful for the symptoms of bloating, gas or flatulence.
  • NCFM® acidophilus can survive the passage through the human gastrointestinal tract.
  • Aids in maintaining a normal healthy immune system.
  • Helps improve general wellbeing.
  • Helps maintain normal healthy urogenital flora.


Hydralyte replaces water and electrolytes lost due to vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, vigorous exercise & any other causes of dehydration.

Why does dehydration occur more often in the hot weather?

  • In hot weather or climates the body temperature rises
  • As a result, the body’s sweat rate increases as it attempts to ‘cool itself’ down
  • Through sweat there is the loss of both fluid and electrolyte – this can lead to dehydration and / or heat related illnesses.

Available in powders, ice blocks, solutions and tablets.

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