Cosmetics - Jojoba



Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant 80ml

A fusion of the finest Australian clays, bamboo, and beads of pure golden jojoba to restore your skin’s natural energy.  Gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your complexion rejuvenated, smooth and glowing with vitality.



Jojoba CoQ10 antioxidant serum

Potent antioxidants for age protection 30ml

This naturally potent CoQ10 antioxidant serum works to rejuvenate the skin by enhancing the cell efficiency.  It increases antioxidant levels in the skin which work to fight free radicals helping to maintain a healthy and younger-looking complexion.  Rich in hyaluronic acid, it assists in slowing down the ageing process by plumping and firming the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   This serum is perfect to protect the skin against ageing.


Jojoba 100% natural Australian jojoba

Jojoba nourishes and moisturizers skin, hair and nails.  Use daily as a moisturizer and to soothe the appearance of skin. 



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